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Electric Gate Servicing
& Maintenance Contracts

Automatic gate and barrier systems are generally exposed to all weather conditions and varying levels of use. As with all automation equipment a maintenance program will ensure the longest possible life of the equipment. Our company provides annual renewable maintenance contracts, which are detailed below:

Every maintenance / service visit will include:

  • Full service and maintenance checks where any faulty components can be repaired or replaced
  • Spray and lube all mechanical parts
  • Clean circuitry of dust and insects' nests
  • Testing and diagnostics of safety devices
  • Adjustments of gate/barrier hardware such as rollers and hinges
  • Re-align gate/barrier
  • Check and clean gate/barrier
  • The cost of all labour and consumables used for the service (excludes cost of parts)
  • Force test carried out accompanied by a force test report sheet
  • Maintenance and fault report sheets with every site visit
  • This service visit excludes the cost of any out of warranty parts required to repair the system and any accidental or malicious damage to the system or its operation. However, it does include a substantial 15% discount on any labour and parts required to repair the system within the period of the contract.


We will make one maintenance / service visit to your property per year.


We will make two maintenance / service visits to your property per year.


We will make three maintenance / service visits to your property per year. Highly recommended for gates / barriers that open 30 or more times per day.

Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Gate Servicing

Spare Parts

CAME gate automation equipment carries a three year parts warranty, subject to the gate system being serviced annually.

CAME 3 Year Warranty

With CAME's worldwide returns figures proven to be less than 1%, no other manufacturer of gate automation and barrier products has this commitment to their product reliability.

We carry stock of CAME remote controls and some spare parts. Anything we don't have, we can usually get within 24 hours.

Westcountry Security are fully trained to ensure the your electric gates comply with stringent European and UK directives concerning electric gates.

Where possible, we will limit the forces exerted by the motors, and we will fully test this using accurate force-testing equipment.

We will perform a full risk assessment, and we refuse to cut corners when it comes to fitting the safety accessories that will protect members of the public and vehicles.

Electric Gate user manual

We will leave you with all the necessary documentation that proves your system conforms to the legislation. This manual should also be used to record your system's service history.