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Electric or Solar Powered Gates & Barriers

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Solar Powered Electric Gates

At Westcountry Security we are able to provide a complete solar solution for all vehicle access systems including, Traffic barriers, Swing gates, Sliding gates etc.

Solar Powered Gates Devon

This novel system has been designed and developed in the UK with reliability, robustness and simplicity as the driving forces whilst also having the opportunity of reducing our carbon footprint.

Solar Power can offer considerable savings on the cost of installation as running power cables to the gate can often prove costly and disruptive.

We calculate each installation taking into account: location, operations per day, peripheral equipment such as infra red sensors, key pads, locks etc, to help ensure your vehicle access system keeps running 24 hours per day 365 days a year right through the darkest days of winter.

Whilst we offer a complete solar option, all our systems can also be powered by 240V mains supply.