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CAME Control Panels

Control Panels

All CAME electric gate operating systems need a CAME control panel, not only to receive the mains electricity feed at the gateway but also to distribute the wiring to the motors and the particular switching devices all around the gateway.

Sometimes these circuit board panels are built into the motor unit itself (such as the sliding gate motors), sometimes they are placed in a seperate IP54 weather-proof ABS plastic housing nearby. This in turn we recommend should be mounted within an external housing to give it secondary protection against even the hardest of conditions.

CAME Remote Controls

Remote Controls

Traditionally, the whole essence of having electric gates is that the passage of the vehicle through the gateway is a pleasurable experience without the drudge of having to stop both sides of the gateway and get out of the vehicle twice, to open and close the gates. Our remote controls are not infra-red or ultrasonic, they are radio remote controls, eliminating the need to actually point them at the gates. They are set at the approved UK frequency of 433Mhz and are state of the art.

The remote controls are battery operated and will generally last for about a year in normal residential use. The range of distance from which the gates can be opened is normally never less than 50m (as long as the tuned antenna is fitted to maximise the reception).

CAME Digital Keypads

Digital Keypads

The simple task of pressing a series of numbers into a metallic keypad situated at the gateway is a secure way to allow authorised friends, family or other “bonafide” visitors to enter through the electric gateway. They will not need to carry any keys or cards and thereby will not run the risk of losing them. They are tamperproof and have secondary data information circuit boards which are installed away from the keypad itself; this means they cannot be forced open and the wiring short-circuited to open the gates.

The CAME range of keypads are designed to work in conjunction with CAME control equipment and are finished in an attractive yet hard-wearing stainless steel finish.

CAME Digital Keyswitches


Traditionally, the key has been the method of opening a secure entrance and the keyswitch provides exactly the same method by which an authorised key holder can switch the gates to open electrically. The keys are an orthordox type of cylinder key and extra keys can be cut locally at a qualified locksmith. The keyswitch has a metallic finish, giving a stylish, but strong appearance. A keyswitch is often combined with other forms of switching at the gateway.

CAME Magnetic Keyreader

Magnetic Key Reader

The magnetic key reader works in a similar way to the normal conventional keyswitch. The coded magnetic key has an individual code which will only activate the gates in the correct key reader. This option of switching is very common in commercial switching situations as it provides a secure yet easy entrance method.

CAME Coin Operator

Coin & Token Readers

There are situations where occasional visitors have to be allowed entry through electric gates on an intermittent basis - such as hotel car parks or leisure facilities.

In order to maintain an increased level of security, CAME offer a coin-type token reader with re-useable, grooved tokens. The tokens can be given out or sent in advance to users to deposit in the slot on arrival. There are many applications for the token reader method of switching and it is commonly used in conjunction with other forms of gateway switching, e.g. remote controls etc.

CAME Electric Lock

Electric Lock

There are occasions when it is wise to install an electric latch to remove the possibility of damage to a long flexible gate, or to remove the stress and strains caused by pounding winds on closed boarded or similar types of "closed-in" gates. The electric latch has the mechanical capability to be released automatically by the control panel or by a key in the event of a power cut.

Induction Loop

Induction Loop

Buried under the tarmac, these devices are made up of a wire loop, laid repeatedly around the rectangle to create a coil and then a miniature magnetic induction field is created above. When a metallic vehicle passes over this magnetic field, its presence is detected and a pulse switch is thrown to open the entrance. They are typically used on busy, accessible gateways to allow freedom of vehicle movement; sometimes for exit only, but sometimes loops are laid inside and outside to allow free entrance and exit.

They are often overridden by a timeswitch so that access can be restricted to certain hours. Out of hours only authorised users, with other forms of switching (e.g. remote controls), can pass through. The road loops are laid into special positions in the roadway, often being disc-cut into tarmac or concrete and linked back to the CAME control panel by twisted wires. Once installed, the sensitivity of the induction loops can be set to sense the types of anticipated vehicular traffic from a vehicle as small as a metal wheelbarrow up to an excavator. Induction roadloops can sometimes be used in a vehicle still present mode to act as an additional safety device. Induction roadloops are often fitted in conjunction with other forms of switching.

CAME Card Reader

Card Reader

A proximity card reader access control system is a very efficient way for a large number of users to be accommodated and monitored as they pass through an electric gateway. This slotless, stainless steel touchplate is not affected by the weather and the card is read instantly and effortlessly. It is often used in combination with other methods of switching.

Unique cards can be easily duplicated and are relatively cost effective in comparison with other forms of switching when the number of users is high.

Videx Intercoms

Audible Intercoms

A two-way speech 'Audible Intercom' gives the added dimension of allowing you to speak to the visitor at your gateway from the comfort and security of your home.

When the button at the gateway is pressed the indoor wall phone makes a buzzing sound. Simply pick up the handset to speak to the visitor before deciding whether or not to let them in.

As an added extra, a 'Leave-open switch' can be fitted to the wall phone, enabling you to keep your gates temporarily open from inside your home - a useful feature for dinner parties and other functions, when a number of guests and cars would need access.

Videx Intercoms

Video Intercoms

A Video Intercom gives you the priceless facility of actually seeing your visitors face before deciding whether or not to speak to them. Although it is more expensive and extra lighting at the gateway may need considering, this added dimension gives you even more control over whom you allow onto your property.

The standard Visual Intercom is a one-to-one set of equipment, where one outside speech and camera unit station communicates with one indoor wall mounted telephone and miniature television monitor.

GSM Intercoms

GSM Intercoms

Simcard technology means you can operate your gates from the other side of the world!

The visitor arrives at the gateway and presses the intercom button. The GSM unit silently dials the relevant phone number, such as the house phone or a mobile number. The owner answers the phone & speaks to the visitor before deciding to let them in. The system can then be operated by entering the correct code into the telephone keypad.

CAME Safety Photocells

Safety Photocells

CAME active infra-red safety beams are invisible to the naked eye, but can be transmitted from a DOC transmitter up to 18 metres in outdoor conditions to a DOC receiver. These represent an excellent form of positive beam protection around the gateway and on wing type gates they are normally installed in two sets, one just in front of the gate line and one just inside the arc-line of travel described by the swinging wing of each gate.

In this way, a safety zone will have been created, so that on the automatically timed closure of the electric gates, if a vehicle is still within the area of travel of the gates, it will prohibit the gates closing and furthermore, if a beam should be broken after the automatic closing has begun, it will re-open and hold the gateway open until the obstruction is clear.

CAME Sensitive Safety Edge

DF Safety Edge

Designed to meet current safety legislation, DF sensitive safety edges are the answer to the requirements of multiple active protection. This deformable rubber strip is mounted to the moving edge of the gate. In the event that an object, person or animal is detected, the gate will stop and reverse.

Surrey Wrought Iron are able to carry out a full risk assessment, and we will ensure that your gateway is completely safe for children and pets, as well as convenient for you.