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Parking Revenue Systems

We don't just install barriers! Westcountry Security can design and implement a complete automated car parking system for your business.

Perfect for the leisure and tourism industries, an automated parking system can recoup your investment quicker than you think.

We have a range of options available; from semi-automatic token-based systems, right up to large multi-storey car park management systems that accept credit card payments or allow for up to 5,500 users.

Parking Systems Devon Cornwall

Car Park Height Restrictors

  • 100x100x4mm Mild Steel Square Hollow Section Vertical Posts
  • 80x80x3mm Mild Steel Hinged Section with 40x40x3mm Cross Brace welded diagonally to corner
  • Standard Height 2.1m (can be manufactured to customer specification)
  • Spans from 3m to 6m manufactured to customer specification
  • Comes complete with 'WARNING HEIGHT RESTRICTION' signage and padlock
  • Posts may be surface mounted or sunken
  • Can be supplied with additional latch post to lock in the open position
  • Powder Coated to Customer Specification or Galvanized finishes available
Car Park Height Restrictors
PS Token Meter download pdfDownload Info Brochure

PS Token

The PS range of automated parking systems with a transponder token reader is the ideal solution for public and commercial car parking situations with occasional visitors.

The system is modular, meaning that it can be scaled up over time to accomodate more parking spaces, more floors, more entrance / exit points etc.

PS Token Meter

PS Barcode

The PS range can also be equipped with a barcoded ticket reader, better for managing larger numbers of occasional visitors while still allowing a relationship with the customer to be formed using keyfob transponders or cards.

You can start small with this system, using an auxilliary barcode reader (pictured) at your existing cashier, and then add to it as your requirements dictate.

PSC3 auxilliary barcode reader
RBM21 Carpark Management System


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Ideal for managing membership services at gyms, sports centres and small parking facilities, RBM21 comes with its own dedicated software and works with transponder and magnetic band cards. An on-board sensor makes it possible to register cards directly into the system control board, even without a direct connection to a PC.

The system can give real-time feedback through traffic lights and illuminated signs.

RBM84 Carpark Management System


download pdfDownload Info Brochure

RBM84 allows you to manage systems with large amount of users using different command systems (i.e. transmitters, coded selectors, cards, etc.) It also provides real time access data for all users present within the managed area.

The software is clear, easy to use, and will run on any standard Windows PC.