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Frequently Asked Questions

We often find that our clients have similar questions for us regarding their access control requirements.

Hopefully the FAQ's on this page will answer some of your immediate queries - however if you would like to discuss any aspect of your project please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01752 338990 or send us an email.

Q - Do solar powered automatic gates operate all year round ?
A - Yes, solar powered automatic gates operate 365 days a year 24 hours a day whatever the weather. Solar panels work on daylight not sunlight.

Q - Is the automatic gate system guaranteed ?
A - Yes, all Solar Access Systems equipment comes with a full 12-month guarantee. After this period an annual service contract is available, covering the cost of labour and consumables. Parts are covered under CAME's 3-year manufacturers' warranty.

Q - What happens if the gates hit an obstruction ?
A - The automatic gate system is fitted with an intelligent safety system which senses the obstruction and will auto reverse. The gates are also fitted with an infra red safety beam which when broken will prevent the gates from opening/closing.

Q - What happens when visitors/deliveries come ?
A - There are numerous options available including video/audio intercoms, push buttons, sensors etc.

Q - How do visitors/deliveries leave ?
A - There are numerous options available including keypads, push buttons, sensors etc.

Q - How do the gates close ?
A - The gates have an optional auto close function which can be 10, 30 or 50 seconds.

Q - What range do the keyfobs have ?
A - The keyfobs have a range of 40/50m clear line of sight.

Q - Are the gates secure when closed ?
A - CAME motors are electromechanical which means they lock firmly in place when shut, unlike their hydraulic cousins which generally allow their pistons to relax over time. For extra security, gates can be fitted with a double surebolt electric lock which locks both gates together and to the ground simultaneously. The lock also comes with a key operated manual override.

Q - Do your gate systems have to be solar powered ?
A - No, all of our automatic gate systems can also be mains operated.

Q - How do we get in/out if there is a power cut ?
A - All CAME gate motors and barriers are fitted with a manual override.